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Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the Staff at our School & Nursery.
Picture 1 Mrs E Barrs-Headteacher & DSL
Picture 2 Mrs M Wall-Deputy Head & SENCO
Picture 3 Mr C Mulkeen-Teacher Year 3 St Patrick & SLT
Picture 4 Mrs S Myers-Teacher Reception St Francis & SLT
Picture 5 Mrs K Stewart-Teacher Year 3 St Bernadette & SLT
Picture 6 Mrs A Robinson-Office Manager
Picture 7 Mrs S Hagyard-Admin Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs L Jinks-Teacher Y6 St Martin
Picture 9 Mr L Hale-Teacher Y6 St Paul Miki
Picture 10 Mr A Hartley-Teacher Year 5 St Bakhita
Picture 11 Mrs A Watts-Teacher Year 5 St Bakhita
Picture 12 Mrs H Elsworth-Teacher Year 5 St Nicholas
Picture 13 Mrs L Moss-Teacher Year 4 St Hilda
Picture 14 Mrs T Siddall-Teacher Year 2 St John
Picture 15 Mrs C Young-Teacher Year 2 St Margaret
Picture 16 Mrs J Murphy-Teacher Year 2 St Margaret
Picture 17 Mrs C Tasker-Teacher Year 1 St Brigid
Picture 18 Mrs B Wright-Teacher Year 1 St Brigid
Picture 19 Mrs E Powell-Teacher Year 1 St Cecilia
Picture 20 Mrs C Reece-Teacher Reception St Francis
Picture 21 Mrs C Cheney-Teacher Reception St Peter
Picture 22 Miss E Feneley-Teacher Reception St Peter
Picture 23 Miss D Mahon-Teacher Nursery St Joseph
Picture 24 Mrs L Haritakis-Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs A Boardman-Teaching Assistant
Picture 26 Mrs A Clegg-Teaching Assistant Rec St Peter
Picture 27 Mrs E Crawford-Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs C Eaton-Teaching Assistant Rec St Francis
Picture 29 Mrs J Horner-Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Mrs M Kennedy-Teaching Assistant Rec St Peter
Picture 31 Mrs K Livingston-Teaching Assistant & MSA
Picture 32 Mrs H Medley-Teaching Assistant & MSA
Picture 33 Miss N Parkin-Teaching Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs C Paulin-Teaching Assistant & PLO
Picture 35 Mrs K Stubbs-Teaching Assistant Nursery St Joseph
Picture 36 Mrs K Thorpe-Teaching Assistant
Picture 37 Mrs K Walker-Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Mrs D Wenham-Teaching Assistant & MSA
Picture 39 Ms R Logan-Cook