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Structure of the Governing Body

Structure of the Governing Body

The governing body meets its obligations through a series of committees, sub-committees and working groups:

The function and main focus of each committee is described below:


FGB – Full Governing Body

The FGB is the main meeting of the governing body. It is at the FGB that we:

  • Set the terms of reference for the sub-committees
  • Elect the Chair of Governors, the Sub-committee Chairs and assign Link Governors
  • Agree levels of delegated responsibility
  • Discuss and approve certain statutory policies.
  • Delegate to and considers reports from the sub-committees, including agreeing the school budget
  • Receive and review a termly Head teacher’s report
  • Consider business brought by the Chair or other governors.
  • Formulate and agree the School’s strategic vision
  • Ensure the school continues to grow in its Catholic ethos
  • Scan the local and national ‘educational environment’
  • Set the training days
  • Consider request from other schools, the local authority and the diocese.
  • Consider the performance of the Chair and individual governors contributions.

The FGB meets at least 5 times a year.


SSE – Standards and School Effectiveness Committee

The Standards and School Effectiveness Committee is the main mechanism by which the governing body holds the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

  • Reviews in detail the school development plan
  • It coordinates the link governors
  • Receives reports concerning delivery of the curriculum
  • Reviews the mechanisms by which the school reviews its pupils progress
  • Monitors the spending of Pupil Premium monies
  • Oversees child protection
  • Advises the Head Teacher appraisal committee


Click here for the SSE’s ‘Terms of Reference.


FSP – Finance Staffing and Premises

The Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee is the main mechanism by which the governing body oversees the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. It oversees the management and development of staff and the management of the schools premises.

  • Ensure that the school is managed well financially
  • Sets and Monitors the School Budget
  • Oversees and coordinates Pay Committee
  • Prepare and monitor a Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation
  • Ensure that appropriate risk assessments  are in place and regularly reviewed
  • To ensure that in regard to equal opportunities the requirements of legislation are met
  • To be responsible for monitoring the fabric and security of the school premises
  • To plan, monitor and review the teaching and support staff in-service training needs
  • To authorise the filling of any vacancy which might arise
  • To make recommendations (via the SSE) for updating the school development plan
  • Advises the Head Teacher appraisal committee


Click here for the FSP’s ‘Terms of Reference’.


SL – Shared Leadership

The Shared Leadership Group consists of the Executive Head together with three governors from Its primary purpose is to monitor the Shared Leadership arrangements St Aelreds RC Primary School and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Primary School.


CG – Communications Group

The Communications group was established in May 2016 to examine the issues of communication between the school and its community. Led by Jon Hawkins, the Communications Group is a ‘working group’ as opposed to a sub-committee. As such it consists of non-governor members. The Communication group advises the governing body on issues such as. • Design and analysis of the Parent Survey • Developing and evaluating a communication action plan As the Communications Group is still a relatively new group, its meeting frequency has yet to be established and may not have a formal frequency.


PC – Pay Committee

Whilst a sub-committee in its own right, the Pay committee is coordinated by the FSP. Its purpose is to ensure the school is effectively undertaking its responsibilities towards staff in terms of performance appraisal. The Pay committee normally meets once a year


HTA – Head Teacher’s Appraisal

The Head Teacher’s Appraisal committee is coordinated by the SSE, but works in association with the chair of the FSP and the Shared Leadership Committee. Its purpose is to ensure the school is to formally hold the teacher to account over the performance of the school through the setting and evaluation of performance objectives.

Governing Body membership May 2017