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At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs we believe that English is at the core of all our other subjects.  We wish to develop in our children a love of language both written and spoken that will go with them into adulthood. We believe a high standard of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills will place our children at an advantage in their wider curriculum studies.


We follow a Mastery Approach to the teaching of English. At the heart of this approach is ensuring all children have mastered a step before moving on. The amount of objectives or genres that are taught termly are reduced but taught in more depth and detail to embed learning and ‘make knowledge stick’. Teachers reinforce an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in English. The large majority of pupils progress through the curriculum content at the same pace. Interventions focus on gaps in knowledge.


Teaching is underpinned by using high-quality texts and high-quality examples from the teacher which focus on skills to be taught. These texts are then analysed in depth with the children in order for them to learn and apply skills.


To achieve our aims, we follow six strategies to build an outstanding reading school:


If you would like to find out more about how we teach English at OLQM, please contact Miss Sherliker via the 'Contact Us' page.




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