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At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, the whole school is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that is both exciting and inspiring for our children.   The Quest curriculum has been specifically designed with our pupils in mind, it is a combination of subjects and skills, based on four key principles:





Total (holistic)


Each Quest begins with a big question generated by pupils, such as "What did the Romans ever do for us?" and spends a half-term on a quest to find the answer. Each quest takes pupils on an rich, creative and deep journey of learning through a range of subjects and skills. The quest finishes with an answer to the big question and an 'end goal' celebration that may involve other classes in school, parents and/or community members.

Quest - Yearly Overview

Introduction to Quest - information pack

The Four Principles:


Principle 1: QUESTIONS

The QUEST curriculum is all driven by questions!

We are on a quest for information, to learn something new and reach an answer to a big question!
Each unit of work (Quest) is based around a big question. This big question is decided between the teacher and pupils just before a Quest begins.
Pupils also come up with a range of questions about the topic   – what do they want to know? What do they want to learn about?



Principle 2: EXPERIENCES

The QUEST curriculum is an engaging and experiential learning journey for children!

Children take an active part in their learning and provided with opportunities to experience what they are learning about

This could include:
Visitors into school to talk about a subject
Trips to local businesses or places of interest
Residential and overnight trips
Activities beyond the national curriculum, e.g. end of year productions



Principle 3: SKILLS

The QUEST curriculum steps beyond the content of the national curriculum!

It explains the skills that children need in order to answer their questions
Skill sheets have taken each QUEST subject and provided a breakdown of the associated skills for that subject, showing progression as children move through the school
This provides a richness and depth of learning while helping children identify the individual subject areas



Principle 4: TOTAL (Holistic)

The QUEST curriculum provides a total and holistic learning experience for everyone involved!

Connecting and combining subjects together creates a deep, engaging and experiential curriculum

Children use their skills and knowledge to create links between what has been learned and the rest of their lives