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Personal Development

Personal development is at the heart of all that we do. We develop outward looking pupils who have the tools to communicate effectively and have a strong understanding of themselves, the wider community and the wider world. A range of additional opportunities enrich learning, from Early Years through to year 6. We want to help pupils develop their own character, to know that individual differences should be valued, to be resilient, reflective, to have empathy and respect for one another. 


This is reflected in the Our Lady Queen of Martyrs characteristics. We are passionate that we are developing pupils who are:

  1. The leaders of tomorrow making a difference to their community and the world today. LEAD 
  2. Advocates for those around them, those in need and those who cannot stand up for themselves STAND
  3. Powerful orators to the world on the issues that matter to them SPEAK
  4. Gospel activists growing Gospel values in their community, within and beyond the life of the school ACT
  5. Inquisitive learners who have a life-long thirst for acquiring new knowledge and skills ASK
  6. Creative problem solvers who can respond and adapt to a changing world THINK
  7. Inclusive team builders who recognise, respect and value difference SHARE


At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, it is the responsibility of our school to develop and prepare children for the wider world and the ever-changing challenges that they will encounter. Our commitment to personal development has led to planned provision which intertwines PSHE, Relationship and Health Education, SMSC and British Values. We use Ten:Ten to cover many aspects of the PSHE curriculum, as well as to cover many aspects of the RSE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education). Our personal development curriculum supports pupils to be ready for their next stage in education, it weaves its way through every part of what we do.


It is our intent to develop children that are confident communicators, that show tolerance and respect and to prepare them for the next step in their life journey. Our school vision and curriculum ensures that children are inquisitive, understand the world around them and value and respect others. 


We have purposely planned a curriculum through which Personal Development is interwoven. This ensures that all subject leaders are active in the promotion of personal development opportunities within their subjects.


The OLQM 40, and Personal Development Overview (below) details the experiences and opportunities we want every child to have whilst at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs.

The OLQM 40 - this details the 40 things we want every pupil to experience/learn whilst at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs