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Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Primary School

Living, Loving, Learning - Christ at the Centre



Nursery - St Joseph



The staff team in Nursery are Mrs Wright, Mrs Reece and Mrs Wenham, and Mrs Crawford.



Our EYFS vision

At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we work with children, families, and the wider community to provide the highest quality of care and education to all our pupils. This process starts in the early years, and the Nursery and Reception classes are foundational and formative in shaping resilient, inquisitive, emotionally secure learners, who go on to thrive in school.

Our mission is to provide children with the skills and knowledge that they need in their ‘toolkit’ by the end of Reception, to enjoy learning throughout KS1 and KS2, tackle the National Curriculum, and grow into well-rounded individuals who make a positive impact on society.


We provide an enabling, vocabulary-rich environment that promotes the learning and development of every child attending our setting. Children’s learning is led through a balance of discrete, adult-led sessions and carefully planned continuous provision, which gives the children the opportunity to explore and play freely, and to investigate and apply their learning. We use accurate assessment to ensure provision is tailored to the individual needs of our pupils, enabling all children to make excellent progress.



Our Class Saint:

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of the Universal Church, as well as the patron saint of unborn children, fathers, workers, travellers, and immigrants. As the earthly father of Jesus, we know him to have been compassionate, caring, and courageous, looking after Mary and Jesus during the first few years of his life. His feast day is 19th March.


Our Learning Environment

Our EYFS Curriculum:

At our school, we are passionate about moving all children on in their learning from their starting point with us, expanding their horizons and ensuring that their knowledge and skillset increase as they play, learn, and explore.


Each half term, we choose a topic linked to the children’s interests and set out our curriculum intent through a toolkit of key skills that we want the children to acquire. We implement our curriculum through a mix of exciting experiences for the children, engaging and focused teaching, and provocations in the continuous provision, aimed at inviting children to apply their newfound knowledge through play. We then evaluate as a team and ascertain the progress the children have made as result, tweaking our learning environment and teaching, accordingly.


The wider intent and mapping of the whole school curriculum begins from our children’s entry to the school in Nursery through to Year 6 to ensure teaching provides appropriate progression and challenge and builds on prior learning and experiences. There is a joined-up, cohesive approach to all learning. Our EYFS teachers work in a Phase team with our Year 1 teachers, to ensure that pupils’ progression of skills flows from Reception into Year 1. Reception teachers and Year 1 teachers work together closely to ensure that pupils leave the EYFS with the requisite knowledge and skills to tackle KS1.