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At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we believe that the teaching of music helps pupils to access this wonderous universal language which can be used to inspire and speak to others. Music allows pupils to develop listening skills and develop their own creative expressions of emotions and story-telling beyond words.


This enables us to live, love and learn the beauty and power of creative works.


Music is a sacred subject:

  • The universal language of Music embodies and gives expression to one of the highest forms of creativity and communication
  • The transformational power of music offers all learners a channel to discover their God-given talents
  • Music endeavours to enable pupils to give expression to the heights and the depths of their emotions
  • It can embody pupils’ hopes and longings and may transcend limitations found in other forms of communication


Music enables pupils to know the universal story they are a part of:

  • Story Past - the power of music to impact cultures and peoples of the past often being used to tell stories 
  • Story Present - the use of music to contribute and emotionally move people to consider current social, moral and political issues as well as a means of indiviudal and collective expression 
  • Story Future - how music can evoke images of the future and prophesy it in to being


Below are some examples of how our teaching of Music contributes to our whole school pupil characteristics:


Pupil Characteristic

Key Word

Music contributes to this by providing opportunities to……

The leaders of tomorrow


Recognise the power of music to encourage and persuade others as they lead change and development



Give others a voice through music, using it as a way to communicate beyond words

Powerful orators


Make use of music to create an atmosphere and deliver a powerful message about issues important to them

Gospel activists


Know the potential of music to inspire and influence others towards a cause to make an impact in their community and the wider world

Inquisitive learners


Generate and ask questions about the power of music to impact culture and emotions

Creative problem solvers


Employ a range of instruments and musical techniques to solve 

Inclusive team builders


Use music to bring people together and celebrate creativity across cultures