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Maths at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs


Our aim is to enable children to become able and confident mathematicians who are well equipped to use maths in life and the real world. Children should be:


  • Fluent in all of the basic concepts;
  • Able to use their skills to develop and follow different lines of enquiry within mathematics;
  • Able to apply their knowledge confidently in a wide range of contexts and to solve a range of problems.


The key skills and concepts they learn are broadly outlined under the headings of Number, Place Value, Calculating, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry and Problem Solving. We recognise that frequent practice of key skills within number will enable children to access the other areas of the curriculum in more depth. Our visual calculation policy outlines the steps we use as a school to progress in the four formal methods of calculation.


Within school, we endeavour to make maths for children as meaningful and exciting as possible using real life application and context whenever we can. Our careful use of assessment enables us to make sure all children are challenged and supported at a suitable level in order to reach their full potential.


The children are expected to follow our school maths pledge to ensure their work is always completed to the highest standards including responding to their next steps and any feedback given. To ensure that children’s learning continues to develop further, we ask that they should make use of frequent opportunity to practise their skills at home through games, discussion and practical application.