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At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we believe that the teaching of languages provides an opening to other cultures and increases pupil understanding of the wider world. The teaching of Italian broadens pupils' understanding of connections between English and European languages. 


This enables us to live, love and learn about another culture through its native language, customs and traditions.


Languages is a sacred subject:

  • Languages enables pupils to appreciate and learn from the diversity and richness of other cultures
  • It provides a unique opportunity to bring about communication, inclusion, reconciliation, peace and understanding
  • Languages can act as a gateway to celebrate the beauty of diversity and unity of all God’s family.


Languages enables pupils to know the universal story they are a part of:

  • Story Past - the development of a nation's language and Italians culture
  • Story Present - appreciation of another culture and the language spoken, learning to communicate with others in their native tongue 
  • Story Future - how respect, understanding and appreciation of others’ language can bring people together for a brighter future


Below are some examples of how our teaching of Languages contributes to our whole school pupil characteristics:


Pupil Characteristic

Key Word

Languages contribute to this by providing opportunities to……

The leaders of tomorrow


Able to understand and communicate with leaders and groups from another culture



Know the difficulties of speaking about issues in a non-native language and support others to overcome this barrier

Powerful orators


Converse in different languages with a wider range of people to get their message across

Gospel activists


Interact meaningfully with others within their community to see the growth of Gospel values

Inquisitive learners


Generate questions about another language and culture, working hard to discover answers

Creative problem solvers


Explore other possible approaches to a problem via the use of languages and collaborative learning 

Inclusive team builders


Learn about another culture and language, recognise the links to their own and other commonalities




You can find out more about how we implement this intent statement by reviewing the documents at the end of the page.



If you would like to know more about how we teach Languages at our school, please contact Mrs Atherton via the ‘Contact Us’ page.