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At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we believe that the teaching of history helps pupils to understand the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time. History helps pupils to know their place in the story of the world. 


This enables us to live, love and learn about the world and people around us.


History is a sacred subject:

  • History encourages us to discover the truth of the past and to have a deep understanding of the present, 
  • This helps us make informed and wise decisions for creating a better future. 
  • History helps us find their place in the story of humankind. 
  • Pupils are helped to develop critical thinking skills as they delve into the rich variety of available sources. 
  • Learning to analyse and critique information and data encourages the ability to discern facts and reach conclusions, matching evidence with truth. 
  • Learning from the past helps to facilitate a better future for the common good of all God’s people. 


History enables pupils to know the universal story they are a part of:

  • Story Past - the story of different people groups and the rise and fall of empires as well as their local community
  • Story Present - recognise that events taking place now will become part of their historical story
  • Story Future - use of the knowledge of history to inform choices about the future


Below are some examples of how our teaching of History contributes to our whole school pupil characteristics:


Pupil Characteristic

Key Word

History contributes to this by providing opportunities to……

The leaders of tomorrow


Using historical knowledge and understanding to inform their views, opinions and decisions



Stand up for those that have be historically disadvantaged  

Powerful orators


Sharing stories of the past to identify and speak up for those that have been overlooked and unheard before

Gospel activists


Celebrate where Gospel values have been displayed in the past

Inquisitive learners


Generate their own historical questions and work hard to investigate and discover the answers, basing these on evidence

Creative problem solvers


Use knowledge and attempts of the past to solve issues they are passionate about today

Inclusive team builders


Learn about a range of empires and peoples in the past



You can find out more about how we implement this intent statement by reviewing the documents at the end of this page.



If you would like to know more about how we teach History at our school, please contact Mr Hale via the ‘Contact Us’ page.