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Design & Technology


At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we believe that the teaching of design and technology helps pupils to use their creativity to design and create products that solve real-world and imaginative problems, taking risks throughout. Design and technology infuses a range of practical skills, such as engineering and art, to contribute ideas to wider society and culture.


This enables us to live within, love and learn about the feats of engineering and creativity in ours, and other, cultures


Design and Technology is a sacred subject:

  • Design Technology incorporates innovative creativity and risk-taking leading to a high level of resourcefulness 
  • It enables learners to become channels of divine inspiration. 
  • Design Technology calls forth imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity whilst drawing on a wide variety of complementary disciplines. 
  • Design Technology challenges students to engage with issues of inclusion, stewardship, the dignity of the human person and ecology. 


Design and Technology enables pupils to know the universal story they are a part of:

  • Story Past - the use of design and technology skills in creating some of the wonders of the word through history
  • Story Present - the use of design and technology through their everyday lives and how it impacts and changes cultures
  • Story Future - how design and technology advances our understanding and approach to the world and how it can be used as a positive influence for change


Below are some examples of how our teaching of Design and Technology contributes to our whole school pupil characteristics:


Pupil Characteristic

Key Word

Design and Technology contributes to this by providing opportunities to……

The leaders of tomorrow


Be a leading voice for design changes to the systems and features of their local community and wider world



Use technology as a vehicle to change the lives of those most in need and require their support

Powerful orators


Make use of effective design adn technology to demonstrate their thoughts and add further power to their words on the issues that matter to them

Gospel activists


Share Gospel values in their local community via the use of innovative and productive products

Inquisitive learners


Generate and ask questions about great designs and designers of the past, learning how to apply those ideas to their plans today and in the future

Creative problem solvers


Include the use of technology an inspirations for themselves and others to solve everyday, and larger, problems

Inclusive team builders


Work collaboratively with a broad range of people on original and inventive projects 




You can find out more about how we implement this intent statement by reviewing the documents at the end of this page.



If you would like to know more about how we teach Design and Technology at our school, please contact Mrs Tarode via the ‘Contact Us’ page.