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Art and Design


At Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, we believe that the teaching of art and design helps pupils to be inspired to develop and explore their own creativity, individually and collectively. Pupils can be inspired by the works of artists and designers of the past to create and invent their own masterpieces, which will continue to impact on society.


This enables us to live, love and learn the beauty of creation and power of creative works.


Art and Design is a sacred subject:

  • Art is a spiritual encounter exposing pupils to a profound level of communication and expression which transcends the spoken word
  • It offers the artist and the observer the opportunity to transcend the here and now. 
  • Through artistic expression we are invited and enabled to comment on profound social issues and spiritual experiences
  • Art, incorporating a wide variety of craft and design embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity.
  • Art offers a window into God’s divine creation. 


Art and Design enables pupils to know the universal story they are a part of:

  • Story Past - the power of art and design to impact cultures, empires and peoples of the past
  • Story Present - the use of art to speak to current social, moral and political issues as well as a means of indiviudal and collective expression 
  • Story Future - how art and design can provide an imageof the future and prophesy it in to being


Below are some examples of how our teaching of Music contributes to our whole school pupil characteristics:


Pupil Characteristic

Key Word

History contributes to this by providing opportunities to……

The leaders of tomorrow


Capture the imagination of others by using art and design to ‘paint’ a brighter future



Using artworks to show thei mpact of issues who are unable to speak for themselves

Powerful orators


Understanding the power of visuals in supporting the spoken work, enhancing its power

Gospel activists


Sharing artworks with their local community, and beyond, in order to demonstrate their Gospel values

Inquisitive learners


Generating questions about others’ artworks to explore their inspirations and creative processes

Creative problem solvers


Thiking deeply about the use of designs and systems in order to solve increasingly complex problems 

Inclusive team builders


Recognising art and design works from a wide range of artists and designers around the world




You can find out more about how we implement this intent statement by reviewing the documents at the end of this page.



If you would like to know more about how we teach Art and Design at our school, please contact Miss Williams via the ‘Contact Us’ page.