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Year 5 – St Nicholas

Welcome to St Nicholas!

Year 5


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Geography - Rivers 


This site will help you understand the three courses of a river. 



 Have a practise with our french song.

Alouette, gentille alouette - alain le lait (French body parts - for birds)

Autumn Term Newsletter


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Year 5 Visit to Stockbridge


On Friday 29th September, Year 5 spent an enjoyable afternoon at Stockbridge Technology Centre in Cawood.


Whilst there, they spent a session tasting different types of fruit, learning about which countries they were grown in, and the impact that buying fruit from abroad has on the environment. They also had the opportunity to test out their taste-buds, by tasting different types of cheese.


There was also the opportunity to harvest some seasonal vegetables and each child took home a bag full of carrots, beetroot, onions as well as a cabbage each. Photos of what the children produced with these fantastic vegetables will follow.


Thank you to all those parents and grandparents who accompanied us on the day and pitched in. Your help was very much appreciated.







Baking – Victorian Style


In St. Nicholas, we have been learning all about Children in Victorian Britain. As part of this topic, and to tie in with our converting measurements in Maths, we decided to make Mrs Beeton’s Lemon Biscuits.


Firstly, the class started by being given the recipe, but in order to make the biscuits accurately, all the measurements needed to be converted.


Then the baking commenced! Lots of mess was created, but lots of fun was had. The children worked brilliantly in their groups and made some delicious biscuits that Mrs Beeton would have been proud of.


To take them home, they each wrapped a couple up in baking parchment, and tied them with string, to look as historically accurate as possible.

Trip to Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

On Thursday 14th December, pupils from St Nicholas dressed up and visited Armley Mills Museum to take become Victorian children for the day. They took part in a Victorian school workshop in the morning, and a Mills workshop in the afternoon so that they could see how the lives of children in Victorian Britain differed from their own modern day lives. Everyone enjoyed the day, and as always, many thanks to those who volunteered to accompany us on the trip. 

The Working Mill

Still image for this video
The looms were switched on so that children could see how noisy and extremely dangerous it would have been for a Victorian child working in the mill.

Science - Forces


In Science, the class have begun to investigate forces. This week, they carried out an experiment to see if objects weighed the same in air as in water, using Newton meters to weigh various objects.

Air Resistance Investigation

To investigate the effect of air resistance, the class made paper helicopters of varying sizes, and then timed how long they took to fall to the ground. They learnt about the importance of repeating experiments to get an accurate result, how to work out the average of their results, and why the results showed that the larger helicopters took longer to reach the ground. 

Investigating materials in science

St Nicholas class were investigating materials. The children were finding out whether materials dissolved in water and later they described the changes they saw. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

It's Christmas!

In the week before the end of term, Year 5 were feeling festive. They enjoyed making Christmas cards (one in a Victorian style) and making calendars using printing techniques. 


Victorian Style Christmas Cards

Victorian Style Christmas Cards 1
Victorian Style Christmas Cards 2
Victorian Style Christmas Cards 3

More Christmas Cards

Calendar Making Using Printing Techniques

 Spring Term 1 2018.


St Nicholas have had an exciting and busy start to the year.


Today the children have really enjoyed getting 'stuck' into making the first stages of their river models.  


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4